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A Foggy Day In London Town

..Well Not Really, But We Did Have A Lot Of Snow!

snow -13 °C


Well Saturday morning was the start of my first roadtrip out of the city of Toronto on my own...scary stuff!

Well I was actually going to London to meet up with Craig, Michell and Andreas who went to London on the Friday when I was at work. The reason we went to London was for Michell's birthday which was on Wednesday (7th Feb) but we kind of partied for it from on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (well for me it was Wednesday and Saturday as I wasn't feeling too good on Thursday and was working on Friday).

Anyways so I had to be at Union Station for 11:15am to get last minute stuff like a magazine to read and some breakfast from the cafe. Got in the line up for the train and it was like the airport saying go to gate this for that train and then line ups boarding pass control points and then they section you off to which destination you will get off at like Brampton were near the front of the train as they were off sooner than the people going to London who were directed to the back end of the train.

Train left just after 12 noon and to be honest, it was a waste of money buying the magazine because I spent most of the trip looking out of the window at the winter landscapes from the bussling city of Toronto to the open Ontario fields.

Anyway so I arrive in London around 2:15ish and give Craig a call to tell him to pick me up. Couple of hot chocolates later Craig shows up and tells me they spent a good 20 minutes looking for the bloody keys for the car and the garage. Anyway we get back to the hotel and Andreas and Michell are there recovering from the night before. Michell is still in boxers and a t-shirt and andreas is on the sofa very relaxed and chilled.

Went for breakfast...again but with the guys to a restaurant on the other side of town. Had some trouble trying to order eggs sunny side down as the waitress didn't know what I meant but finally we got there in the end. She then realised I wasn't Canadian so asked us where we were from. She was surprised when none of us were from the same place. Craig is the only Canadian, Michell is from Singapore with a Dutch passport, Andreas is from Norway and yours truly is from England.

Came back just in time to watch the leafs on TV and that was a nail biter of a game which went into overtime and the Penguins to score making it 6 - 5 final score. The leafs came back from 3 - 0 down in the second period to finish the 3rd period at 5 - 5 and the overtime goal taking it to 6 - 5.

So then started the drinking games before we went out into town to meet some friends of Craig's and to celebrate Michell's birthday of course. Tell you something...I love having this accent...hehe... I was in the line up for the Tap House in London and there were about 6 girls pushing through the line to get to the heater where we were and when they heard Michell, Andreas and I they were all over us... It was crazy! One girl in particular was the spitting image of Tara Reid and was constantly leaning and dancing around me because I was English. The crazy thing is that this was all in the line up. They tried to avoid the $9 coat check (Cloak room) and before we got to pay for ours they got kicked out... Oh well that was a short but different encounter.

Got back after a long and freezing walk we got back to our hotel room I literally passed otu on the bed as I was so tired. The beds were so comfy! Then we finally got our stuff ready and jumped into Craig's car for the ride back along Highway 401 and through the UK again...Well all the places we pasted were all English names such as Oxford, London, Grimsby, Cambridge and among others around the whole of Ontario.

Got back around half 5ish after a stop at Craig's house so that his dad could drop us off the rest of the way home because they needed the car.

So that was the end of the road trip for me and the end of a hectic weekend in London.

Anyways next one to come soon hopefully.


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Fly Away Home

Home For Christmas!

overcast 1 °C


Well as "home" during this exchange experience is Toronto I thought I would write about my travels back to England for Christmas in here as it is technically outside Toronto... by 3500 miles.

So anyway coming home was long! Got up at 7am Toronto time to get ready to go to the airport and to get me out of bed, Mum called me to see how I was and I told her how I was planning coming home like keeping them in touch of times and the situations at Toronto's Pearson Lester B Airport etc. Got to the airport about 12:30 and then was with chris when she checked in and until she went through the gates and then I said bye to Shanice who came with us to say goodbye to Chris as she wasn't coming back in the New Year. So I checked in about 30 minutes later and then went straight through security without a problem and then met Chris on the other side so chilled with her for over an hour before her flight to Calgary...kind of surprised her really so had a laugh and looked back at her time in Toronto. So, Chris boarded her plane as I went to my gate to wait another 2 hours before I left Toronto. Called home around 4:15pm toronto time about an hour before my flight and stayed on until i pressed the next call button by mistake...so a quick call back turned out to be half an hour and then about 5 minutes after I said bye to Mum, Dad and Tink, I was called to board Flight OOM276 to Glasgow/Manchester. Well chances of going to sleep were cut short as I asked for extra leg room seating and that was next to the emergency exit on the wing so right next to the engines too! Noisy buggers they were but I guess they have to be when we were flying at 584mph at 37,000 feet above the ground. I was flying home with a Scottish girl who had just finished her exchange in Toronto too but at OCAD and lived in Pitman not at Ryerson and Wycik! So anyway was flying home with her and it was a laugh when we both found out we lived near by for 4 months and never notcied each other...not that we would have done not meeting until the flight home! So had a chat about the things we did in Toronto etc and until we got to Glasgow it was fun...then she got off at 4:45am (UK Time) and then we were at the airport in Glasgow for another hour on the plane until a window opened up at Manchester. So two hours later I was let off the plane and in the terminal and out with Mum, Dad and Tink around 7ish so after a large coffee and block of chocolate I was home in Stockport. Still wasn't ready to pass out yet from flying as I had about 2 litres of coffee and caffeine in my system still and I was only to get more with about another litre of tea and coffe by the end of the day well until around tea time with good old chippy tea! Fish, chips and gravy....ooooo never tasted so good! Out with Jack to the new Griffin pub well redone up! Wasn't bad actually and it was nice to have some good old British booze.

Anyway got my birthday present from him which was a guinness mug and a pint of guinness in a can! Was nice catching up with home etc so now just had 13 hours sleep after being awake for 37 hours. So here I am now in the lounge writing this for everyone to read and also for you Canadians to keep in track with what is going on at home in Stockport, England!


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House Party in the GTA

Well...Markham really!

sunny 8 °C


Well, my first Canadian House Party was up in Markham on Saturday (18th) and it was at Matty's house as his parent were away for the weekend...or so we thought (last minute change but his parents didn't mind). So we missed the bus we were meant to get as Louie, Johny and I were there on time but Matty and the rest weren't... so we were hanging around for another hour to leave Toronto for the next bus. So right to the back of the bus for pre-drinks and 40 minutes later we were in Markham. His house is nice! I spent all night in his basement (gym, weights, pool table, sofas, huge tv and minibar) so I was sorted for the night. By the end of it only 4 of us stayed over (Johny, Louie, Jimmy and me) all the other exchange students went home and some of Matty's friends from home left around 1ish maybe 2ish but anyway we were up until 4 maybe 5 drinking beer and eating pizza and even on the beer funnel which Matty got me on... So 4 beers later and about 10 seconds of drinking time (4 minutes waiting for the heads to settle) I was quite impressed and so was Matty! It finally hit me about an hour or two later at around 4/5 in the morning. But must admit it was a good time as everyone for once got mildly intoxicated (some more than others...Johny boy) and we had to get up early in the morning to get back into town for the Santa Claus parade so in Markham...no idea where we are going we finally see the bus stop (about 500 yards away) and then we saw the bus coming... I've never legged it so much for a bus. Luckily the guy stopped about 150 yards short of the stop to let us three on which was nice of him and we were pretty much knackered for about 5 minutes with alcohol still in our systems... Anyway Matty said he was going to have another party soon so see what happens next time


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Nobody Said That Field Trips Were Fun...

...Whilst Being Drunk

all seasons in one day 15 °C


Well I had my first field trip today with univeristy but because I went out of Toronto I thought I would write it in here instead of my Ryerson blog. So started off the morning by leaving 30 minutes late leaving at 8:45am and went out of Toronto to the Niagara Peninsula. So from Toronto to the other side of Lake Ontario we had 4 stops before Niagara Falls; Burlington for a canal and nature reserve, Welland Centre for another part of the canal with huge cargo ships, Ball's Falls...no kidding that is the name of the falls and then lunch somewhere on the peninsula. However, the weather did get better as it went from heavy drowning rainfall to light drizzle then over cast and then sunny. Stopped at Niagara Falls for 30 minutes to observe land use around it...instead everyone was taking photos of the falls and going into the shops.

After Niagara Falls we drove through Niagara-on-the-Lake and along the US/Canadian Border (which happened to be the Niagara River) until we went inland and up hill to a winery. This was everyone's favourite part of the trip where we went around the winery and even sampled some wine. Then after that we bought some wine (2 bottles) which John and I opened and drank (both bottles) in the whole 2.5 hour journey back to Toronto. So naturally we got drunk. What made it better was that none of the lecturers of 4th year assisstants knew we were drinking. Was quite funny as we were up and down constantly talking to people on the coach and taking photos all the way home. Fond memories I have now of that trip and not surprisingly for non-academic reasons obviously.

Niagara Falls though I think I will visit again during the summer months when the weather is nicer and will get some nicer pictures etc. Well worth the visit in my opinion and I have also updated my website. If you go to "Road Trip!", "October 2006" (In Picture Diary) and "Been There, Done That" I have new pictures up from the trip and Chowny's birthday party last night (Thursday night) at Mick E Fynns, where both Chowny and I were the only ones drunk and we are working on getting Katherine drunk too as she has the same birthday as Chowny. It started off with a meal at Swiss Chalet on Yonge Street with Chowny, Tegan, Hayley, Giulia, Reb, Chris, Louise, Katherine, Louie, Chowny's flat mate and myself, which then moved to the Karaoke Bar upstairs, which looked rather dodgey so we went to Mick E Fynns and got plastered, plus I was under direct orders from Tegan to get Chowny smashed, which I am also quite proud of. We also came home finally with a Swiss Chalet frosted pint glass, a normal pint glass from Mick E Fynns and two menu holders which we will fill with little pictures. Chowny and I only had roughly 4 pitcher jugs (each being 4 pints, and that was just Chowny and I).

Anyway I best be off to bed as I am currently having trouble sleeping as its too hot to sleep in my room and if i open my window I get woken up by helicopters, police cars, fire trucks and ambulances at all hours of the morning. So must try to catch up with some sleep.


PS. Just realised I am home in two months (when I worked it out it was the 20th) so I'll be home in two months time.

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Yeah England is Part of Australia!

Algonquin National Park Trip

sunny 18 °C


Well decided to pull an all nighter friday night and finally will get to sleep after writing this entry (40 hours later). Anyway was up and ready by 6:30am, so I went to the shops to buy some food for the trip and a drink to keep me awake!

Chowny, Luke and I headed off to the underground at 7am and we had to travel to York Mills to catch a 3 hours coach ride to the Algonquin National Park. The tour guide thought Luke was either German or Jewish (surname is Stein) and thought I was and Aussie as I said I am with the two Aussies. I don't even sound like an Aussie! So as soon as we arrived at Canoe Lake (one of the smaller lakes) we had some lunch (included in the price of the trip). I had cheese and tomato butties with vegetable soup with a cookie and an apple for desert! Was nice to my surprise! Had our canoeing lesson, which was really just how to paddle, but because both Chowny and I have been canoeing before the guide just threw the canoe in the lake and asked the three of us (Chowny, Luke and I) to get in and paddle away for 2 hours. So we did! Chowny and I must have paddled about 4km up and down that lake as Luke was too low in the canoe and didn't want to tip us over so he relaxed for two hours. The views on the lake were incredible! All the colours of autumn were in full bloom! All the reds against the yellow and greens were just .... words can't describe it fully! At times we just floated in the middle of the lake to take in the views and the silence as there were no cars nearby, the odd beach house and other canoes but pretty much undisturbed.

After coming back ashore, we grabbed our cameras and took some photos of the lakes and other canoes. We then got on the coach and went for a drive to a hiking point where the three of us lead the way (ahead of the tour guide) to our destination, which was a look out point like Alderley Edge where you have the rocks overlooking a valley! That site alone was worth the $80 (£40) we paid for the trip.

We also went to a logging museum....joy...fun fun fun... it was the worse part of the tour and a complete waste of time for me but the walk around was good in the woods whilst going round the open museum.

After a stop at Huntsville for a KFC tea we arrived back in Toronto and Neill Wycike at 10:15pm so we were out for a good 15 hours but for the three of us it was the best 15 hours as we were away from the bustling city and got to see the "real" Canada!


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