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Finally, my first entry on this new travel blog! Welcome to it! This is for the times I will be spending outside the city of Toronto.

Anyway, went to Wonderland with the the exchangers here so it was an early rise today as we had to be at Ryerson for 9am. So last night I set my alarm for 7am. I woke up at 8:30am (prat over here didn't turn the alarm on. I set it but didn't turn it on to wake me up!) Anyway, I still made it in time to meet the guys and grab on the subway up north to York Mills (About 10 stops north) and then grabbed a transfer coach to Wonderland, which was another 20 minutes on top of the tube! Got in the place around 10:45 and straight off to the "Top Gun", which is Canada's only inverted looping jet coaster. So pretty much I was flying around for 45 seconds at about 100km/h. For this ride you were sitting down in the upright position so fighter jet experience with loops, corkscrews, nose dives and tightbends. It was so good we also finished the day on it too. The crazy thing about today was that I have a huge fear of white-knuckle rides but today I thought screw it. So after Top Gun we went down to the Psyclone which is kind of like the pirate ship but not only do you swing from side to side you also spin round. It's kinda of hard to explain in words so I may have to tell you about it when I get home! So anyway back to Wonderland. We went round in small groups pretty much from the start so for the day I chilled with Luke (Aussie), Adam (Canada - Exchange Events Organiser) and Alex (Aussie). Only doing the brackets of where everyone is from for you mum so you can remember! But after cyclone we waited for like 40 minutes for some lunch, which was ridiculous and the service was so laid back! Went round the park to see what else was around and we went to see what the line was like at Vortex via watching the Log Flume. As the flume hits the water there is a bridge going over it and I made the mistake of being on it when it came down. It never came to memory that even at 10ft above the ground you can still get hit by a wall of water 20ft above the ground so got soaked. Good fun though and really refreshing. Decided not to go on the Vortex then but went to the Wild Beast. It was a huge wooden ride and the way we went around it, we thought how the heck is it still standing. We also went on the Drop Zone (not one for fears of height). It was the scariest 5 seconds of my life. We were pulled up to a height of 230ft above the ground, then whilst we were hanging there the played some song with the lyrics "You're gonna fall down to the ground du dah du dah". So after Adam, Luke and I finished singing that we were dropped straight down at over 100km/h (approx 45ft a second). However whilst up there, you could see the whole Greater Toronto region and it was definately worth the time before crashing down to Earth. Decided after letting my stomach get back to normal to go on Vortex as the line was shorter this time. Again it was a first for Canada as it is a suspended coaster where we swoop all over the place and even drive down to about 6 feet above the waterscape. After finally drying off (about 90 minutes later) we walked back towards the Mind Buster. Again another wooden coaster but considerable higher and alot more clang clang clang along the way. Now the next ride was the Skyrider, a looping and tight turning coaster where riders are stood up on the ride! Yes standing up ride with loops, corkscrews and tight bends going up and down again at speeds over around 100km/h. We decided to give Top Gun another go as by now it was around 6:30pm. So after a 9 hour day we went on 8 rides (Top Gun twice), had lunch, a break and a few toilet stops along the way.

The best part of the day was finishing with a cookiewich. This was 2 cookies of a fair size and filled with icecream and chocolate chips. It was HUGE! I might ask if I can rob a picture from Luke as he has one of him before eating it. For me, it's the best theme park I've been to as really I went on 7 white-knuckle rides in the time we had as we ran out of time to go on the Bat and I think it was called the Dragonfly but oh well!

So all in all it was an amazing day and well worth the $35 to get there, get in and then get back home! Pretty much spent all day there as Luke and I got back around 9:30pm so well recommended to all and to top it off I didn't get sunburnt!


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